What is the history of the Liberty Township Fire Department?

The Liberty Township Fire Department's growth has been driven by the population growth experienced in the area.


  • The Liberty Township Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1953 to serve Maustown and the surrounding area.
  • The Township's first fire station, 111, was built in 1955. The fire station was built in the heart of Maustown and located on Princeton-Glendale Road north of Millikin Road.
  • In 1974, Station 112 was established due to the growth in the Yankee/Cincinnati-Dayton Road area.
  • In 1992, the department transitioned from volunteer to a combination department consisting of part-time and volunteer members. This brought the benefit of staffed fire stations to respond to fire and medical emergencies.
  • During the 1990's, Liberty Township experienced growth in the southwest area with the development of the Butler County Regional Highway.
  • In 2001, the Liberty Township Fire Department hired its first career firefighters transforming the department to meet the growing needs of the community.
  • To better serve the southwest portion of the Township, Station 113 was built in 2004 to serve as Fire Headquarters and house the department's administrative staff.


  • The Liberty Township Fire Department operates out of the existing 3 fire stations providing fire, rescue, and paramedic-level Emergency Medical Services to residents and visitors.
  • The department presently employs 38 career and 54 active part-time firefighters, providing 24-hour emergency services, 7-days a week. 

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