Trustee Schramm, Trustee Farrell, Trustee Minniear, Fiscal Officer Quinlisk

Welcome to Liberty Township
Butler County, Ohio

Liberty Township operates as a Limited Home Rule form of government, which is led by a Board of Trustees and Fiscal Officer who each serve a four-year term, and provide professional management through the appointment of a Township Administrator.

The Liberty Township Board of Trustees meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month. During each meeting the Board accepts public comments from citizens. The Board encourages residents to attend a meeting if they have a question, concern or issue to raise. You may also contact the elected officials by following the links to the left.

Our Vision

Liberty Township maintains a balance between embracing its historical and cultural legacy while planning for progress that the future brings. Liberty Township offers families, businesses, and individuals a place to experience an outstanding quality of life, and to prosper in a financially sound community. 

​Limited Home Rule

Liberty Township is a "home rule" township, meaning that residents have adopted Limited Self-Government giving township trustees the ability to enact resolutions, similar to city ordinances, provided they do not conflict with state laws or a list of specified exceptions.

With Limited Home Rule a township can continue to benefit from services - such as county road maintenance, state highway maintenance and county building inspection - and also enjoy the greater independence and self determination that prior to 1991 was granted only to cities. Ohio law requires that Limited Home Rule townships hire a full- or part-time law director. Liberty Township's law director is paid by a contractual arrangement.