What happens when I call 911?
  • For an emergency, dial 9-1-1 and give the dispatcher your name, address/location, call-back phone number, and the type of emergency.
  • Never panic, stay calm, and be prepared to give the dispatcher as much information as you can. This helps the dispatcher and the department with pre-planning the emergency while they are responding.
  • When 911 is contacted, if calling from a landline your address is automatically displayed to the dispatcher. The dispatcher will ask what type of emergency you have and confirm your location. If calling from a cell phone, you must report your location.
  • Additionally, the dispatchers must ask further information about the nature of your emergency to best dispatch the appropriate first responders to your location. 
  • Upon dispatch of the emergency responders, the dispatchers may stay on the line to instruct CPR and/or various first aid activities until units arrive.

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