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Wetlands Park


  1. Bike Trail
  2. Fishing
  3. Hiking Trail
  4. Park Passport
  5. Picnic Tables
  6. Wildlife Viewing

About the Park

The Wetlands Park borders State Route 129 between LeSourdsville West Chester Road and Van Gorden Road. It was donated by the Butler County Transportation Improvement District following construction of the Butler County Regional Highway.

The Wetlands Park, established in 2000, 42 acres

View map of Wetlands Park East.

View map of Wetlands Park West.


  • Wetlands Park East: 6950 LeSourdsville West Chester Road
  • Wetlands Park West: 6906 Van Gorden Road


Natural beauty abounds along the paved and chipped trails of this park - perfect for jogging, biking or just an afternoon stroll. Four unique ponds offer a variety of habitats for wildlife - the Wetlands is home to nature at its finest. A State of Ohio Fishing License is required for all persons over 16 years of age. Come for a hike, stay for a picnic and relax beside the pond. Frogs, birds, fish- who knows what you'll see!
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