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Maud Hughes Incline Park


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About the Park

The Maud Hughes Incline derives its name from the unique use of bicycle stairs to transition from the Gregory Creek flood plain to the upper area parallel to State Route 129.

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Trails Initiative

Phase IV of the Liberty Township Trails Initiative, the Maud Hughes Incline is a 3,210 foot section of hike and bike trail from approximately 2,000 feet east of the Wetland Park, adjacent to State Route 129 on the south side, north of Hamilton Mason Road, and proceeds along land being donated to the Liberty Township Park Department from the Butler County Transportation Improvement District. Near the end of donated land, the trail will ease into the right-of-way area of State Route 129. It proceeds eastward to the area near the Maud Hughes Bridge Overpass where the trail will be angled northeast to cut under the overpass and proceed to Maud Hughes Road parking area where Phase IV will terminate. Welsh Development donated approximately 5 acres of land on the north side of State Route 129 to connect Maud Hughes Road to the TID parcel.

Work began in July 2002 and Phase IV—Maud Hughes Incline of the Liberty Township Trails was dedicated in October 2003.
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