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Liberty Fire Station 113

Fire Station 113 Overview

Station 113 opened in 2005 and renovated in 2020. Located at 6682 Princeton-Glendale Road, Station 113 serves as the LTFD Headquarters, housing the administrative command staff. Station 113 serves the southwest portion of the Township, which includes all of the neighborhoods and businesses within the borders of Liberty-Fairfield Road to the west, the northern border street of Millikin Road is shared with Station 111, Hamilton-Mason Road as the southern border and the eastern border is Maud Hughes Road shared with Station 112. Station 113 is staffed 24/7 with a minimum of three firefighting personnel, at least two paramedics and a Battalion Chief serving as the daily shift commander. Station 113 houses the Township's only ladder truck (Tower 113), a fire engine (Engine 113), an ambulance (Medic 113), a chief's staff vehicle (Battalion 110) and an auxiliary support vehicle (Utility 113).

Tower 113

Tower 113 is a 2020 Sutphen that is equipped with a Hale pump that can pump 1,500 gallons of water per minute, a 400-gallon water tank, 100' aerial ladder and a platform bucket capable of carrying multiple firefighters and rescuing victims if necessary. The tower carries an assorted compliment of hoses (1,000 feet of 5-inch supply hose, close to another 1,000 feet of 1 3/4, 2, 2 1/2and 3-inch fire attack hoses) and assorted nozzles and appliances used to extinguish fires; forcible entry equipment; ventilation tools; and also over 100' of straight, folding and extension ladders. In the event there is a serious vehicle accident, Tower 113 carries a hydraulic rescue tool, "Jaws of Life" and vehicle stabilization equipment. The Tower may also provide support at trauma or medical calls. As such, personnel can begin to treat any medical emergency from a minor slip and fall to severe life-threatening trauma. The personnel can even begin advanced cardiac care utilizing the heart monitor/defibrillator for a patient that may be in cardiac arrest. 

Engine 113 (E-113)

Engine 113 is a 2008 Sutphen that is equipped with a Hale water pump that can deliver at least 1,500 gallons of water per minute to a fire. Engine 113 also has an 750-gallon onboard water tank; over 1,000 feet of 5-inch supply fire hose; and another roughly 1,000-feet of smaller handheld fire attack hoses ranging from 1 3/4, 2, 2 1/2 and 3 inches in diameter. The engine carries the necessary rigid suction hoses and the hose appliances necessary to draft water from a static source such as a pool or retention pond in the event there is a failure of the hydrant water system. Engine 113 carries rescue and hydraulic rescue power unit and the "Jaws of Life". Engine 113 primarily serves as a mechanical back-up during necessary periods of scheduled maintenance and is always kept equipped and readily available to be put in-service for emergency recall by LTFD personnel.

Medic 113 (M-113)

Medic 113 is a 2016 Horton ambulance on an International Terra Star chassis. M-113 is an advanced life support (ALS) transport unit that is equipped with many different types pf emergency medical gear. Medic 113 carries necessary bandages and splints to provide basic first aid to minor injuries or stop life-threatening bleeding in the case of a severe trauma. In the event of a serious medical emergency, LTFD personnel can field the administration of necessary medications from the medication bags that are provided in partnership with West Chester Hospital. The paramedics have heart monitoring and defibrillation capabilities and can wirelessly transmit data to area hospitals to prepare them for arriving patients. Field transmission of essential information to the hospital has been shown to improve patient outcomes for cardiac, stroke, and trauma patients. Keeping personnel's health and wellness in mind, Stryker Power-Lift ambulance stretchers have been installed to help lift patients. The stretcher utilizes a combination of battery pack, electrical motors and hydraulics to aid responders with lifting patients in the home or workplace and then secure them into the ambulance for transport.

Battalion 110 

Battalion 110 is a 2019 Ford F150 that serves as a support vehicle for the daily shift commander known as the Battalion Chief. The cab of the vehicle serves as the Battalion Chief's mobile office. The vehicle carries the necessary equipment to support all types of incident command functions. Utilizing the mobile data terminal, and its many on-board radios, LTFD officers can direct operations in the field from a forward mobile position. Being positioned in a vehicle that is close to a given incident provides an excellent opportunity for the Battalion Chief to visualize a fire and formulate the strategy to mitigate the incident as safely as possible while in an area that is both climate controlled and has less distractions than being positioned outside of the vehicle directing operations. The rear of the vehicle carries the Battalion Chief's firefighting personal protective equipment in case they are needed in a forward hazardous environment. Additionally, within the rear of the vehicle there are fire investigation, incident rehab, decontamination materials and additional various EMS supplies to support personnel at incidents.

Utility 113 

Utility 113 is a 2019 Ford F250 and serves as an auxiliary vehicle for the LTFD. The vehicle is typically used for non-emergency functions; however it is out-fitted for emergency response if needed. The vehicle is capable of bringing five, off-duty firefighters that are called to bolster on-duty staffing during larger and more complex incidents. More commonly, Utility 113 is utilized by one of the LTFD's inspectors to conduct fire safety inspections throughout the community. Additionally, being that the  vehicle is a full-size pick-up truck, it is capable of hauling materials and equipment picked up from various vendors and then delivering items to the LTFDs other fire stations.