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Liberty Fire Station 112

Station 112 Overview

Having served the residents of Liberty Township since 1974 at the LTFD's Yankee Road location, Station 112 personnel now respond from a new, state-of-the-art firehouse that opened in March 2021. Located at 7655 Princeton Road, the new fire station and its personnel will continue to serve the east side of the Township. This are includes all of the neighborhoods and businesses within the borders of Butler-Warren Road to the east, the City of Monroe to the north, Hamilton-Mason Road to the south and Mauds Hughes to the west. Station 112 also handles multiple miles of I-75, as well as State Route 129. Station 112 is staffed 24/7 with a minimum of five firefighting personnel. All of our responders are cross-trained as EMTs with at least two on-duty paramedics. Station 112 houses the Township's only light rescue engine (Engine 112), an ambulance (Medic 112) and an auxiliary support or staff vehicle (Car 112).

Fire Station 112 Apparatus: Engine 112 (E-112)

Engine 112 is a 2015 E-One rescue engine that is equipped with a Hale pump with a pump capacity of 1,500 gallons of water per minute- and a 780-gallon water tank. E-112 carries an assorted compliment of hoses (1,075 feet of 5-inch supply hose and close to another 1,000 feet of 1 3/4, 2, 21/2 and 3-inch fire attack hoses), as well as assorted nozzles and appliances used to carry water to fires. E-112 also carries various ladders including extension, roof and closet ladders. The engine houses equipment for forcible entry, respectful entry and ventilation of a structure.

E-112 also provides EMS support at trauma and medical calls. As such, the personnel are all trained as either paramedics or EMTs and can begin to treat any medical emergency from a minor slip and fall to severe life-threatening trauma. Personnel can even begin advanced cardiac care utilizing AED for a patient that may be in cardiac arrest or another cardiac dysrhythmia.

E-112 is configured to function as both a front-line fire suppression apparatus, as well as an apparatus capable of light specialized rescue applications. In the event there is a serious vehicle accident, E-112 also carries necessary heavy hydraulic rescue tools and stabilization equipment. These tools allow firefighters to stabilize a damaged vehicle and extricate a person that may be trapped. The firefighters also carry battery-powered hydraulic equipment that allows for rapid deployment, spreading, cutting and lifting of vehicles. E-112 also houses a compliment of technical rescue equipment and is typically staffed with firefighter/rescue technicians trained in the operation of this equipment. 

Medic 112 (M-112)

Medic 112 is a 2015 Horton ambulance on an International Terra Star chassis. M-112 is an advanced life support (ALS) transport unit that is equipped with many different types of emergency medical equipment. Like the LTFD's other ambulances, M-112 carries the necessary bandages and splints to provide basic first aid to minor injuries or stop life-threatening bleeding in case of a severe trauma. In the event of a serious medical emergency, personnel will begin field administration of necessary medications. M-112's paramedics have heart monitoring, defibrillation, cardioversion and pacing capabilities and can wirelessly transmit data to area hospitals to prepare them for impending patients. Field transmission of essential information to the hospital has been shown to improve patient outcomes for cardiac, stroke and trauma patients. Stryker Power-Lift ambulance stretchers have been installed in M-112 and these stretchers utilize a combination of a battery pack, electrical motors and hydraulics to aid responders with lifting patients and securing them into the ambulance for transport.