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M113 Daily Check

  1. M113 Daily Check

  2. Miles

  3. Proper Fuel Cards for this Vehicle*

  4. WCH Key Card*

    present? on turn signal?

  5. iPad*

    present and charging

  6. Emergency Lights and Sirens Functional*

  7. Non-emergency Lights and Horn Functional*

  8. Mirrors, Wipers & Seat Belts Adjusted & Fuctional*

  9. Heat / Defrost / AC functional*

  10. Fluids Check and/or Topped Off*

  11. Tires and Wheels*

    proper PSI and wear

  12. Brakes and Emergency Brake Functional and Set*

  13. Unit Clean and Organized*

  14. 800mhz Radios*

    all present / in chargers / on primary

  15. Map Books / MA Books / Preplan Books / Fuel Card / Garage Opener*

    all present and stowed properly

  16. SCBA present and >4000psi*

  17. Shore Line Plugged In*

  18. must be above 300psi

  19. must be above 500psi

  20. Spare O2 cylinders X2*

    present and full / sealed

  21. Clipboard*

    present and stocked with forms?

  22. Cot Function*

  23. Cot properly made*

    sheets, blanket, pillow w/ case & seat belts

  24. Interior Supplies*

    if missing items note below

  25. Outside Supplies*

    present and complete including extinguisher - if missing items please note below

  26. ALS Bag*

    present, stocked and organized

  27. First-In Bag*

    present, stocked and organized

  28. UC Drug Bags

    present, stocked and sealed

  29. 1st bag - gold tag

  30. 2nd bag - gold tag

  31. Broselow Bag*

    present, stocked and organized

  32. Monitor Daily Check Completed?*

    either last night or during check

  33. Monitor Batteries Charged?*

  34. Batteries in Unit

  35. All Items Stocked in Monitor Bag?*

  36. If needed - fill out a maintenance request please.

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