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Community Event Application

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  2. Community Event Application

    In accordance with Liberty Township Resolution 2013-048, a Community Event Application must be completed by any individual and / or organization requesting permission to host an event on Township property, on a public roadway, and / or will impede the public use of public property.


    Liberty Township requires a completed application with supporting documents and a Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of $1 million with “Liberty Township” as additional insured as a condition of approval.


    Public venues include Township buildings, parks, and other structures.


    Applications should be received thirty (30) days in advance of planned event and must be fully approved prior to the event.  However, Liberty Township recognizes that it is possible that an event may arise with a deadline sooner than thirty (30) days, the nature of the event will be taken into consideration when determining on whether to process the application.

  3. Please upload a map and/or layout of the event area.
  4. (if different from Person in Charge of Event)
  5. Liberty Township Resolution 2013-048 provides rules and guidelines for temporary road closures for parades and community events in the Township.


    Please include a list of roads to be closed or impacted by the event and the corresponding intersections; a legible map of the closure areas and / or event site including placement of volunteers, street closure barricades (if applicable) and Butler County Sheriff's deputies, parade assembly areas and route of parade (if applicable); description and indication of all on-site directional and promotional signage.

  6. Road Closure or Traffic Control Necessary?*
    (example: Race event, Neighborhood Block Party, etc.)
  7. Please provide a brief description of event details including any roads to be closed or impacted by the event and the corresponding intersections, number and placement of volunteers or other event personnel, assembly areas and route of parade (if applicable); description and location of all on-site directional and promotional signage and/or use of any tents or temporary structures.

  8. For events taking place on any Township property, Liberty Township requires a current Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of $1 million with “Liberty Township” named as additional insured as a condition of approval.
  9. Events Elements Document

    Please complete the Events Elements document and upload the completed form to submit with your application.

  10. Describe plan for use of any Township lots, non-Township lots, public and / or private lots. Include any request for removal of on-street parking.
  11. Event organizer is responsible for providing and servicing portable restrooms during events when permanent facilities are not available or deemed not adequate by Liberty Township for the estimated attendance. If portable restrooms are necessary, please indicate where they will be located.
  12. Liability Clause*

    ON BEHALF OF THE ABOVE ORGANIZATION / GROUP, I expressly WAIVE, RELEASE and DISCHARGE Liberty Township, its officers, agents, and employees or any other persons from any and all liability for any death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft or actions, including any alleged or actual negligent act or omissions, regardless of whether such act or omission is active or passive which may accrue to myself or members of my organization / group or our heirs in connection with our participation in the above described event. I fully understand and acknowledge that Liberty Township is relying on my representation that I have authorization to complete and sign this application and that I will provide all members of my group a completed copy of this Waiver prior to our participation.

  13. Indemnity Clause*

    I expressly INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS Liberty Township, its elected and appointed officers, agents and employees from any and all liabilities or claims made by me or my organization / group, my / our heirs and any other individuals or entities as a result of any of my / our actions in connection with my / our participation in this event except for those claims arising from the sole negligence or sole willful conduct of the Township, its officers, employees, volunteers or other representatives. Such indemnification includes liability settlements, damage awards, costs and attorney fees associated with any such claims.

  14. Application Review*

    Applicant declares all information and documents submitted with this application are true and accurate. Applicant will immediately notify the Township of any additions or changes that arise after application is submitted. Changes could result in denial or revocation of permit. On behalf of the above organization(s) and all members thereof, applicant agrees to abide by all policies, procedures and instructions set forth or provided by Liberty Township, its staff, officers and designated agents and will also comply with all relevant local, state and referral regulations.

  15. Electronic Signature*
    I hereby certify that I have read this document, understand its content, and am authorized to sign this document on behalf of all members of the group I represent. By checking this box I agree that the information I provided on this form is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
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