How does the Liberty Township Fire Department provide Fire/EMS Service?
  • Liberty Township is divided into three response districts for Fire/EMS protection. View fire station locations.
  • The districts are covered by an ambulance and fire apparatus housed out of each of the firehouses.
  • The firehouses are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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1. What services does the Liberty Township Fire Department (LTFD) provide?
2. How does the Liberty Township Fire Department provide Fire/EMS Service?
3. Where are the Liberty Township fire stations located?
4. What is the Liberty Township Fire Department's Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating?
5. When should I call the fire station and when should I call 911?
6. What happens when I call 911?
7. What should I do when encountering an emergency vehicle that is utilizing lights and siren?
8. Why do emergency responders sometimes turn off lights and siren and then turn them back on?
9. Why do some department members wear orange shirts and helmets?
10. Will I receive a bill for being transported to the hospital?
11. Why did a fire truck show up when I only called for an ambulance?
12. What does it mean when I hear the weather sirens go off?
13. Why did I see a firetruck or ambulance at the grocery store?
14. Why does the fire department flow the fire hydrants?
15. How can residents help with hydrant maintenance?
16. What part does the fire department play in natural disasters?
17. Are the Liberty Township fire stations Safe Havens for infants?
18. Can I bring expired and/or unwanted prescription medications to the firehouse for proper disposal?
19. Do I get billed for a fire alarm response?
20. What is the history of the Liberty Township Fire Department?
21. Does Liberty Township have restrictions on consumer fireworks?