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Liberty Fire Station 111

Station 111 Overview

Station 111 opened in January 2010 and serves the portion of the Township from Liberty-Fairfield Road to as far east as Yankee Road and from Hamilton-Middletown Road (Route 4) to Millikin Road. The station is staffed 24/7 with five firefighters who are cross-trained to provide medical care and at least two paramedics on duty everyday. Station 111 houses Engine 111 (E-111), a Paramedic Unit (M-111) and a brush truck (B-111) that is cross staffed with those on-duty. The LTFD's Reserve Engine (E-114) and Paramedic Unit (M-114) are also posted at the station. These vehicles are utilized when one of the other units is in need of maintenance so there is no interruption in service. 

In 2020, Station 111 was partially renovated with the addition of three offices, privatizing bunkrooms and the weight room was relocated to a larger area. 

Fire Station 111 Apparatus - Engine 111 (E-111)

Engine 111 is a 2020 Sutphen Engine that can be staffed by four firefighters. it is equipped with a Hale pump that can pump 1,500 gallons of water per minute, carries 1,000 gallons of water, carries 1,000 feet of 5-inch supply hose and can also be used as a Water Tanker if needed. E-111 also carries close to another 1,000 feet of 1-inch, 1 3/4, 2, 2 1/2 and 3-inch fire attack hoses. E-111 is also equipped with a vast amount of equipment such as a battery powered Combination Rescue Tool ("Jaws of Life") for extrication, ice rescue equipment and an assortment of other tools to handle most emergencies.

Medic 111 (M-111)

Medic 111 is a 2018 Horton Paramedic Unit (Ambulance) that is always staffed by two personnel and equipped with life saving equipment such as a cardiac monitor, advanced life support drug bags and a vast amount of equipment to manage other medical emergencies.

Brush 111 (B-111)
Brush 111 is a four-wheel drive Chevrolet pick-up truck that is equipped with a small pump, water tank and 100-feet of hose that responds to large grass fires and fires that may be off the roadway where an engine cannot go to due to terrain.

Engine 114 (E-114)
Engine 114 is a 2008 Sutphen Reserve Engine that is utilized as a back-up engine or it can be placed in service as an additional engine when there is a need to call off-duty personnel in for a large incident.

Paramedic Unit 114 (M-114)
Paramedic Unit 114 is a 2006 Horton Ambulance that is in reserve status, which is placed in-service when one of the other ambulance's is being serviced or placed in-service with off-duty personnel for a large incident if needed. In addition, the station has a 2009 Chevrolet Suburban that is used by personnel for situations such as fire investigations, trainings that requires traveling and non-emergency errands.