Recycling Information

Recycling in Liberty Township is an individual choice for each homeowner. Curbside recycling is a popular service for many residents elect to set-up in conjunction with household trash hauling. Service providers for household trash collection and curbside recycling are Rumpke and CSI Waste. In addition, the Township provides two convenient recycling drop-off stations for the community:

  • Liberty Township Fire Station 111 
    5170 Princeton-Glendale Road
    Monday & Friday pick-up
  • Liberty Township Fire Station 112 
    6957 Yankee Road
    Monday, Thursday & Saturday pick-up
Please help us keep the drop-off locations clear of recycling waste. It's important that all materials be put inside the recycling containers. A new bin style was installed      January 2021 by Rumpke throughout Butler County. This was a corporate decision by Rumpke to address trash contamination that has occurred. It is the hope of Rumpke that providing for a smaller opening in the new bins will result in better, cleaner and less contaminated material.

Acceptable recyclable items include: newspapers, magazines, junk mail, phone books, brown paper bags, office paper, cardboard, paperboard (such as cereal boxes), plastic bottles/jugs, milk cartons/juice boxes (remove lid and straw), glass bottles and food jars, aluminum cans, steel cans and empty aerosol cans (remove tip).

Rumpke is now accepting No. 5 Plastic Tubs, such as yogurt containers, cottage cheese, margarine and whipped topping tubs. Lids are also accepted with the containers. 
*Please note: restaurant plastic take out containers and clam shell containers are not accepted. 

Learn more about recycling by visiting the Butler County Recycling & Solid Waste website. 

Recycling Do's & Don'ts
  • DO be sure to flatten cardboard as much as possible.
  • DO rinse all containers until they're spotless.
  • DO throw out the small lids of plastic bottles.
  • DON'T recycle construction materials.
  • DON'T throw plastic shopping bags in the recycling.

cardboard only