The I-75 Energy Special Improvement District (ESID) was created by Liberty Township and the City of Monroe in 2020 to encourage business growth through smart energy investments along the I-75 corridor. By taking a proactive approach and creating this district, businesses in both communities are able to access specific financing tools that reduce upfront costs during building construction, expansion and rehabilitation. 

The goal of the ESID program is to encourage energy savings and reduce the upfront financial burden on property owners. Eligible projects can include improvements such as new windows, large industrial ceiling fans, solar panels, energy-efficient restroom/break room upgrades, new HVAC systems, and similar investments -  an architect, building engineer, contractor or energy services company can help you determine if your project will result in enough energy savings to make sense as a Special Assessment. 

Program Overview
Process & Timeline

Both Liberty Township and the City of Monroe would like to recognize and thank REDI Cincinnati for their role in this program.        

I-75 ESID Board of Directors

  • Steve Schramm, Chairperson
    Liberty Township

  • Jennifer Patterson, Vice-Chairperson & Secretary
    Assistant to the City Manager
    City of Monroe

  • Caroline McKinney, Treasurer
    Economic Development Director/PIO
    Liberty Township

  • Andrea Pinho, Board Member
    Manager, Site Selection & Real Estate
    REDI Cincinnati