Plan Review & System Testing Fees

Liberty Township continues to see significant commercial growth. With this continued growth, the Liberty Township Fire Department's (LTFD) staff has continued to see an increase in plan reviews, fire suppression system reviews and fire alarm plan reviews. 

The Ohio Fire Code requires the fire department plan review and approve new and modified commercial plans within the Township. The fee structure below is being implemented to help offset the cost of the review process. 

Completion of the Plan Review Permit Application is also required during this process. Please print the form, complete and bring with you along with your plans.

The Liberty Township Planning & Zoning Department will collect the following fees: New/modified commercial and multi-family construction plans for review, plan revision fees and tent/canopy fees. All other fees will be collected by the LTFD.

For questions related to the new fee schedule, contact Fire Marshal Matt Owen, 513-759-7530

Fees collected at the Planning & Zoning Department    
New Construction/Additions
Remodel/Change of Occupancy or Tenant Finish
Base fee
Additional charge add-on
50% of Base fee (Ex. Fee of $50.00 and charge of
$0.0075 SF)
$0.015 SF
Tent/Canopies/Event Stage 0 - 399 SF
400 SF and above
No charge
Plan Review Revisions First revision
Second revision or greater
No charge
 Fees collected at the LTFD    
Fireworks Ground display                                                     
Aerial display
Before/After Hours Services 2 hour minimum
Each hour additional per hour
Fire Alarm New installation
Modification to existing
Fire Sprinkler New installation
Modification to existing
Fire pump add-on
Standpipe add-on
Fire Line/Private Fire Main New
Modification to existing
Kitchen Fire Suppression New installation or modification $75.00
Fire Suppression System
*Engineered extinguishing chemical agent systems
for paint booths, computer rooms, MRI, etc.
New installation or modification $125.00
System Device Testing First acceptance test
Acceptance test "re-test" trip charge

Day Care/Foster/Adoption Type A
Type B
Child Care Centers
Foster Care
No charge
Fire Inspection Trip Fee
*Note: The aforementioned fees are representative of the
fire inspection trip fee only and do not represent any
proposed penalty that may accompany any citation and 
order with the accompanying notice of proposed penalty for
violations of Ohio Fire Code.

If your inspector finds that there is reason to believe that you
violated the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) known as the
Ohio Fire Code (OFC), pursuant to Ohio Revised Code
Sections (R.C.) 3737.42, 3737.43 and 3737.51, a civil
penalty may be assessed against the responsible party for
each such violation and an additional civil penalty may be
applied per day beyond the identified abatement period. The
minimum penalty per violation of the Ohio Fire Code in
Liberty Township shall be $150.00 and can be no more than
the maximum fixed penalty of $1,000.00 for each such 
Initial Inspection*
First Re-Inspection* (2nd trip)
Second Re-Inspection* (3rd trip)
Third Re-Inspection* (4th trip)
Fourth Re-Inspection* (5th trip)
Fifth Re-Inspection* (6th trip)
No charge
No charge

Special Event Services

Medic Crew standby for events (2 personnel)

Fire crew standby for events (3 personnel)
2 hour minimum

Each additional hour

Each additional hour
EMS $150.00
Fire $250.00

$80.00 per hour

$120.00 per hour