Community Survey Results

The 2018 Community Survey was created to help the Township better understand the priorities and preferences of those working and living in our growing community. The goal was to obtain a well-rounded sample of feedback from residents and businesses. The survey launched on October 12, 2018 and closed on January 8, 2019.The data collected will aid Liberty Township as we prepare for the 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update. Thank you to everyone who completed our survey. We appreciate the feedback received!

Survey promotion included:

  • Facebook and Twitter posts
  • Special graphic on the homepage of the Township's website
  • Featured in Township emails October & December
  • An email detailing the survey was sent to the Township's HOA contact list

Survey Overview

  • 993 individuals responded.
  • Typical time spent taking the survey was five minutes.
  • 527 respondents provided their email address.
  • 383 respondents provided additional feedback.

What did we hear?

  • What brought people here/keeps them here
    1.  Quality housing
    2.  Schools
    3.  Rural nature of the community
  • A walkable community received favorable feedback. 
  • A variety of responses received on the Millikin Way Interchange related to awareness and the importance of the proposed project.
  • The local newspaper, Township website and Township Facebook page are the leading sources for information.

Complete Survey Results

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For additional questions/feedback about the survey, please contact Christy Gloyd, Marketing & Events Manager.  

Where did the responses come from? 

Check out this helpful map detailing the subdivisions and street names of survey respondents. View map.
Subdivision Survey Map Final