Energy Aggregation

All questions related to the Energy Aggregation program should be directed to Energy Alliances 513-794-5555. Residents may enter or exit the program at any time. 

Energy Aggregation Background

In January 2019, the Liberty Township Board of Trustees approved a contract with Energy Alliances to pursue electric and gas aggregation for Township residents. The ability for the Township to offer aggregation required Liberty Township voter approval; therefore the issue was placed on the November 2019 ballot and approved by voters. Since the issue approval, Township staff has worked with Energy Alliances to negotiate a bulk price on behalf of the residents and small businesses for purchasing electricity and gas. Read on.

Past energy aggregation quarterly reports:


Natural Gas Aggregation Update

The natural gas program starts this fall at a rate of $0.839/ccf  through your October 2024 meter-reading-date with AEP Energy as the new supplier. There are no termination fees to leave this program at any time.

Opt-out materials will be mailed to eligible residents and small businesses between August 28 - September 16, depending on your meter-reading-date. 

Only those on Duke's Gas Cost Recovery Rate (GCR) will receive opt-out materials. If you are currently shopping with an alternate natural gas supplier, you are not considered eligible due to current Ohio laws and will not receive a letter. You can choose to opt-in to the program, but we strongly suggest that you speak with your current supplier to make sure you understand your contract terms and if you have ay termination fees before making any changes. Learn more about aggregation enrollment

Liberty Township Natural Gas Aggregation Letter

Natural Gas FAQs
Duke Energy Sample Bill