Energy Aggregation

All questions related to the Energy Aggregation program should be directed to Energy Alliances 
513-794-5555. Residents may enter or exit the program at any time. 

Energy Aggregation Facts

  • January 2019: The Liberty Township Board of Trustees approved a contract with Energy Alliances to pursue gas and electric aggregation for Township residents.
  • May 2019: Board of Trustees approved ballot initiatives to begin the process of starting the Liberty Township Gas & Electric Aggregation Programs.
  • November 2019: Liberty Township voters approved the Gas & Electric Aggregation Programs by a vote of 58.34% to 41.66%.
  • There is no levy or tax on any resident, business or the Township itself for this aggregation.

2023 Electric Aggregation Update

Beginning in July 2023, residents will see a change in their electric aggregation program as it transitions from their current supplier to Energy Harbor. Residents will continue to receive a single, easy-to-read bill from Duke Energy with Energy Harbor charges included. There is no cost for enrollment, residents will not be charged a switching fee and you do not need to do anything to participate

Community Electric Aggregation Notification letters will be mailed May 19 with the opt-out period ending on June 9. 

2023 electric aggregation letter1024_1Electric Aggregation Performance Report Summary - Q2 2023
Natural Gas Aggregation Performance Report Summary - Q2 2023

Natural Gas Aggregation 

The natural gas program starts this fall at a rate of $0.839/ccf through your October 2024 meter-reading-date with AEP Energy as the new supplier. There are no termination fees to leave this program at any time.

Opt-out materials will be mailed to eligible residents and small businesses between August 28 - September 16, depending on your meter-reading-date. 

Only those on Duke's Gas Cost Recovery Rate (GCR) will receive opt-out materials. If you are currently shopping with an alternate natural gas supplier, you are not considered eligible due to current Ohio laws and will not receive a letter. You can choose to opt-in to the program, but we strongly suggest that you speak with your current supplier to make sure you understand your contract terms and if you have ay termination fees before making any changes. Learn more about aggregation enrollment

Liberty Township Natural Gas Aggregation Letter

Natural Gas FAQs
Duke Energy Sample Bill

Winter Months Usage

Residents who turned off their natural gas service during the summer months are still able to opt-in to the Township's natural gas aggregation program. This can be done in one of two ways:

1. Visit Energy Alliances online, enter your address to verify that you are in the community boundaries and then enter your Duke Energy information.

 2. Call Energy Alliances opt-in number at 513-794-5555.

 In both cases, residents need to make sure that you have your natural gas 'Choice Service ID' that can be found on your Duke bill or by calling Duke. It is a 22-digit number in this format...XXXXXXXXXXXXZ000000000, where the first 12 digits are your Duke account number, followed by the letter Z and then nine digits that are unique to the natural gas service. 

 As always, residents may reach out to Energy Alliances directly at 513-794-5555 to help them navigate through the process.