Resident Information


Solicitors and Transient Vendor Information

(ORC §

505.94, Resolution No. 2017-074)

  1. HOURS.  Solicitors, Transient Vendors (“Vendors”), and Representatives of the Vendor (“Representatives”) are limited to the hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. October 1st through April 30th and from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. May 1st through September 30th.
  2. REGULATION. Liberty Township provides residential property owners with a means to prohibit certain type of door to door solicitation and canvassing through Liberty Township Resolution No. 2017-074 as permitted by the Ohio Revised Code Section 505.94.  No solicitation shall occur on any residence where a No Soliciting decal or sign is displayed. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to display a No Soliciting decal or sign in a visible location near the front door. Liberty Township decals (either adhesive backed or static cling type) can be obtained at no cost at the Township Administrative Office. Do Not Solicit stickers and window clings will also be available for pick up at the Liberty Township Meeting Center, located at 6400 Princeton Road. Stickers and window clings will ONLY be available during regularly scheduled, evening meetings. View the monthly meeting calendar.
  3. DO NOT SOLICIT LIST.  Liberty Township has created a Do Not Solicit List. The Do Not Solicit List records the households that do not want uninvited Vendors to visit.  No solicitation shall occur at any residence that is listed on the Do No Solicit List.  Register for the Do Not Solicit List. Complete the brief form and then submit. The administration will review the forms for accuracy and then update the list on our website.  Only addresses (no names) will be listed on the Do Not Solicit ListA residence will remain on the list for a period of five years.  At the end of that time, the homeowner will need to re-register. Homeowners can remove their residence from the list by coming into the Administrative Offices.  While the Do Not Solicit List will be helpful in preventing uninvited Vendor Representatives, No Soliciting decals or signs are the most effective legal means of preventing solicitation. A homeowner does not need to be on the Do Not Solicit List to be covered by the no solicitation requirement of the resolution if a No Soliciting decal or sign is posted.
  4. BADGES. Each Vendor or Representative must wear the official Liberty Township Solicitor Identification Badge in a visible location and carry a copy of the approved application form upon his or her person while soliciting. If asked by a resident or a Butler County Sheriff’s Office Deputy, the Vendor or Representative must present the badge and form.
  5. RESIDENT RIGHTS. If an individual comes to your door and you have a No Soliciting decal or sign posted, get as much information as possible (full name, name of the company, and description of the solicitor), then immediately call the Butler County Sheriff's Office non-emergency dispatch number (513) 785-1300 to report the violation. A deputy must be able to identify the individual to issue a citation. If you witness solicitors without Liberty Township identification badges or observe soliciting activity outside of the permitted hours, get as much information as possible regarding the solicitor and immediately call the Butler County Sheriff's Office at (513) 785-1300 as described above.