Do Not Solicit List

Liberty Township has created a Do Not Solicit List. The Do Not Solicit List records the households that do not want uninvited Vendors to visit. No solicitation shall occur at any residence that is listed on the Do No Solicit List. 

Click here to register to be on the Do Not Solicit List and
complete the brief form and then submit. The administration will review the forms for accuracy and then update the list on our website. The list will be updated on a weekly basis and posted by the end of the business day every Friday. Only addresses (no names) will be listed on the Do Not Solicit List. A residence will remain on the list for a period of five years. At the end of that time the homeowner will need to re-register. Homeowners can remove their residence from the list by coming into the Administrative Offices. 

While the
Do Not Solicit List will be helpful in preventing uninvited Representatives, No Soliciting decals or signs are the most effective legal means of preventing solicitation. Residents may obtain No Soliciting decals and window clings at the Administration Offices on Monday - Friday during regular business hours. A homeowner does not need to be on the Do Not Solicit List to be covered by the no solicitation requirement of the resolution if a No Soliciting decal or sign is posted.