Smoke Detectors

Reasons Smoke Detectors Malfunction

Worn Out

The leading cause is simply the unit is worn out. Many of the manufacturers recommend replacing smoke detectors every five years. The fact that many of the homes built in Liberty Township are approximately five years old would substantiate these findings. These homes are equipped with an AC (house current) powered smoke detector on each level of the structure that are linked together via the house's wiring. Many of these detectors also have a 9-volt battery back up. This is an option but not required by the Butler County Building Code.

Dust Obscuring Sensor

Another cause of smoke detector false alarms is dust obscuring the internal sensor. Often drywall dust from construction and remodeling projects can cause this problem. The best way to eliminate dust in the unit is with a small can of pressurized air, the kind used to clean office or photographic equipment.

Test Alarms

The Liberty Township Fire Department recommends testing your smoke alarms every month and replacing the battery (if equipped) every six months. Change your batteries when you change the clock for Daylight Savings Time is a good way to remember. These batteries may still have some useful life left so feel free to reuse them in a less vital function.

Contact Us

Liberty Township Fire Headquarters at 513-759-7530 if you have any questions. Never hesitate to call 911 if you have a smoke alarm activation.