Car Seat Safety Checks

Car Seat Program

Many people assume that a car seat installation is a simple and straightforward thing to do. In reality studies show that as many as 90% of car seats are not properly matched to the child's size or are improperly installed. Don't take a chance with your child's safety - read your manual and when in doubt, call the Fire Department for help. That's what we are here for!

The Liberty Township Fire Department (LTFD) is committed to helping our community remain safe and responsible. One of our more commonly utilized safety programs is the Child Passenger Safety Seat Program, where LTFD members have attended training and have become certified as car seat technicians. Our program is available to those needing installation of a new car seat, answering any questions you may have and/or checking to see if your current car seat is properly sized and faced for your child. 

Our goal is to not only install the seat for you safely, but also to teach you, the parent, grandparent or guardian, how to install the car seat. We strongly encourage you to participate in hands-on installation with our technicians! This will help you save time when transferring the seat from one vehicle to another. Please bring the instruction manual for your safety seat and vehicle, as well as ensure your vehicle is clean of any debris and clear of any objects that would prevent the installation of the car seat. 

How to register for a car seat installation:
  1. Installations will occur once (1) a month on the 1st Saturday of each month (excluding holidays). 
  2. All installations will be done at LTFD Headquarters located at 6682 Princeton-Glendale Road, Liberty Township, OH 45011.
  3. Scheduled sign-ups will be required. Time frame is 8AM-11AM (last installation to start at 10:30AM).
  4. Limit of 2 car seats per time slot; you may sign-up for multiple time slots.
  5. Contact the Liberty Township Fire Administrative Assistant via the following:
    * Melissa Steinbrink, 513-759-7535
  6. Provide the following information:
    Phone number
    Email address
    Number of seats for the vehicle
    Time slot you want to reserve. Each appointment is 30 minutes and reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.
***Installations are subject to be cancelled due to inadequate sign-ups or car seat technician not being available. Notification of cancellation will be sent on the Wednesday (3 days) prior to the original date via email. ***

Recall Service

Periodically, car seats will be recalled by the manufacturer. To find out if your car seat has been recalled, visit this helpful recall link.

Contact Us

If you are having trouble navigating the website to schedule an appointment, contact the LTFD Administrative Assistant at 759-7535, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. for assistance.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

The best resource for car seat requirements, recalls, ratings and more is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Their site includes a wealth of information.