Sheriff / Police Services


Police services in Liberty Township are provided by the Butler County Sheriff's Office with 29 Deputies permanently assigned to the Liberty Township Substation - providing 24/7 coverage. Lieutenant Mike Nutt is the supervisor of the Liberty Township Substation. 

Contact Us

For an emergency, call 911. Non-emergency calls to the Liberty Township Substation should be directed to the Butler County Sheriff Dispatch 513-785-1300. Deputies are out patrolling our community and not always at the Administration Building. If you need to speak to a deputy or schedule a time for a deputy to meet with you, please call the Butler County Sheriff Dispatch.

Calls for Service

Calls for Service BCSO 2022

Keep Valuables Safe

The Butler County Sheriff's Office reminds you not to leave valuables in your car. Please keep your valuables with you or keep them out of sight (for example, in your locked trunk). Remember to lock your vehicles, pull your vehicles into your garage or close to your house.

Butler County Sheriff Office

Visit the Butler County Sheriff Office website to learn more about their services and resources.