Winter Weather Tips

Snow Plow Tips

Here are some tips that residents can do to allow for safe, timely and effective removal of ice and snow from Township roadways:
  • Remove objects near the road that could be struck during snow and ice removal such as basketball poles, bicycles, etc.
  • Do not pass a snow plow unless absolutely necessary.
  • Allow plenty of stopping distance; don’t follow plow trucks too closely. This also reduces the chances of loose material hitting your vehicle.
  • Keep headlights on low beam.
  • Never assume that the snow plow operator can see you. Plows have blind spots that reduce side and rear visibility.
  • Don’t push snow from your driveway into the roadway. This can create a danger to motorists. Pile snow to the left side of your drive as you face your house, specifically when clearing near the road. This will prevent the plow from dragging the pile across your driveway apron.
  • Park vehicles in your driveway when possible. This allows the crews to clear the entire roadway from curb to curb.