Annual Paving

Each year Liberty Township works with the Butler County Engineer's Office to complete paving, black mat slurry and retracing work around the Township. 

2023 Streets


Cimmeron Drive - Cincinnati Dayton Road to Essex Mill Terrace
English Oaks Stations - Eldorado Drive to Essex Mill Terrace
Lesourdsville West Chester Road - Kyles Station Road to Hankins Road
Maple Creek Drive - Yankee Road to cul-de-sac
Somerset Drive - Taragon Court to Lindley Way
Wilhelmina Drive - Yankee Road to 7043 Wilhelmina Drive
South Snowmss Drive - Mossele South to cul-de-sac
Kingsley Court - Mossele South to cul-de-sac
Hughes Glen Court - Hughes Ridge Lane to cul-de-sac
Lansing Court - All
Brittany Place - All
Sauterine Drive - Mossele
Sharps Ridge Court - All
Highpoint Boulevard - Logsdons Meadows Drive to cul-de-sac
Meadow Vista Court - All
Far Crest Court - All

Black Mat Slurry

Airy View Drive - end to end
Spruce Creek Drive - Wilhelmina Drive to Birch Creek
Spruce Creek Court - Wilhelmina Drive to cul-de-sac
Ash Creek Court - Maple Creek Drive to cul-de-sac
Birch Creek Court - end to end
Liberty Park Drive - Wilhelmina Drive to cul-de-sac


Wyandot Lane - Cincinnati Dayton Road to Liberty Court
Kyles Station Road - Cincinnati Dayton Road to Butler Warren
Lesourdsville West Chester Road - Kyles Station Road to Millikin Road
Lesourdsville West Chester Road - Millikin Road to school entrance
Maud Hughes Road - Princeton Road to new pavement
Yankee Road - Cincinnati Dayton Road to Liberty One Drive
Dutchland Parkway - Yankee Road to Dutchland Boulevard