Bethany Plan

Downtown Bethany Vision Plan

The Downtown Bethany Vision Plan is conceived as an addendum to the Liberty Township Comprehensive Plan for the purpose of further defining the Township's goals and objectives relating to development in the area known as "Downtown Bethany". The Downtown Bethany Vision Plan is meant to be a statement outlining a consensus idea of what the Bethany area should become, and steps that might be taken to bring that idea to fruition.

Plan Analysis

The Plan takes a look at the conditions within the plan study area at the time the plan was created. Specially, the plan analyzes residential and business demographics within a two and five mile market area, the state of traffic and transportation network, utilities, property size and properties identified as historical in the Comprehensive Plan, zoning regulations, and applicable statements in the Comprehensive Plan. From this analysis, goals and specific objectives were drafted to guide the formation of the Concept Vision Plan and specific implementation strategies.

Contact Us

Through this better defined vision, Downtown Bethany is expected to flourish as an attractive and sustainable town and a source of pride for the whole community. Please contact Thomas McIntyre at 513-759-7500 or email at with any comments you may have.

Plan Documents