Comprehensive Plan

The 2020 Liberty Township Comprehensive Plan is a guide for future decision-making that both reflects and promotes a shared vision for Liberty Township. This plan is based on developing forward-thinking strategies that will build upon community strengths and combat local challenges. This document will be used as a policy guide regarding community development and growth management related to land use, transportation, public utilities and public services. In addition, this plan includes strategies to support a variety of community initiatives including identity, communication, collaboration and programming, because often times these softer community topics can greatly influence and support the community growth, development and investment decisions. This plan was adopted by the Board of Trustees on December 15, 2020, which replaced the 2013 Comprehensive Vision Plan. The prior versions of this plan are provided below for reference. 

The 2020 Liberty Township Comprehensive Plan can be downloaded using the following links:

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The following plans are provided for reference only. These plans were superseded by the referenced plan update and no longer applicable.

2013 Liberty Township Comprehensive Plan
(Replaced by 2020 Liberty Township Comprehensive Plan)

2006 Liberty Township Comprehensive Plan
(Replaced by the 2013 Liberty Township Comprehensive Plan)