Fee Schedule

*Please note that additional Fire Department fees may apply.
Zoning Certificates Fees (cash or check) 
Single-family $550 Per Dwelling Unit
Two-family $800 Per Two Family
Multi-family $500 + $200 Per Dwelling Unit
Remodeling, Basement Finishes, Decks, Pergolas, Porches, Solar Panels $5 Per Room ($35 Minimum)
Accessory Telecommunications; small cell tower                          $150
Accessory Structures
Fences, Garages, Pools, Sheds, Yard/Retaining Wall (3' or higher) $25

Parking Lot - (Additions / Alterations) $50

Home Occupation $25

New Construction $0.07 Per Square Feet ($1,500 Per Building Minimum)
Addition, Accessory Structure $0.07 Per Square Feet ($500 Per Building Minimum)
Change of Occupancy / Tenant Finish $150

All Permanent Signs $100 + $50 Per Sign
Temporary Signs $25
All Development Entrance Walls $100
Temporary Uses (Commercial Tent, Event Stage, Commercial POD) $50

Charges for Revisions

There is a 1/2 fee credit on completed applications where a change in the principal permitted use (or structure) requires a second view. This is a credit adjustment only. The original certificate is required.

Charges for Addendums

For construction that is submitted in stages (foundation, shell, interior, etc...) the fee will be 50% of the original certificate.

Violation Fees

All prices stated on this Fee Schedule shall be doubled for work done without a Zoning Certificate if a permit is obtained within ten (10) days of official notification. The prices shall be tripled if a permit is obtained after ten (10) days of official notification.

Board of Zoning Appeals Fees
All Variances, Conditional Uses, and Administrative Appeals $250.00 - Residential
$500.00 - Commercial

Zoning Commission Hearings Fees
All Zone Changes and Text Amendments $700.00
All Final Development Plans / Final PUD Approval / Major Modifications to PUD / Minor Modifications to PUD Subject to Zoning Commission Review / Overlay District Review $250.00

Miscellaneous Fees
Zoning Maps $15.00
Zoning Resolutions $15.00
Processing Lot Splits/Consolidations, Zoning Certification Letters $50.00
Comprehensive Plan $25.00 - 3-Ring Binder
$5.00 - Compact Disk

Other Permit  Fees
Adult Cabarets and Massage Parlors $250.00 New / $125.00 Renewal