Property Nuisance

The Liberty Township Zoning Department responds to nuisance complaints, including tall grass, weeds, garbage, refuse or other debris in yards, in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 505.87. Once the Liberty Township Zoning Department receives a written complaint regarding the conditions of a property, staff completes a site inspection and takes photographs of present conditions. If the property is deemed to be in violation (i.e. grass 8 inches or greater, excessive weeds, garbage, refuse, or other debris), the property owner is notified to correct the violation.

Nuisance Process
If the violation has not been corrected, the property will be put on the next available Liberty Township Board of Trustees agenda to be declared a Public Nuisance.
  1. A copy of the Public Nuisance notice will be posted on the property and the property owner and lien holders will be provided a copy by first class / certified mail giving the property owner seven (7) days to abate the nuisance.
  2. Seven (7) days after the property owner and lien holders are notified that the property is a Public Nuisance, the property is re-inspected.
  3. Any violation remaining at this time will be corrected by the Township, with the cost of the abatement placed on the owner's property tax bill.
Resident Complaint Form can be completed and sent electronically or you may print the form and mail or bring to the Zoning Department.