Hiring Locally

Liberty Township and Butler County's strong workforce is due to being positioned in the center of the fast-growing Cincinnati-Dayton region with a population of 2.8 million. New employers can hire locally as well as from the Cincinnati and Dayton metros. The combined Cincinnati-Dayton metroplex has a large, knowledge-based workforce of more than 1.54 million workers. This includes 25,750 working scientists and engineers and a total of 40,000 working scientists and engineers within a 50-mile radius. More than 58% of Butler County's population 25 and older has some college, associate degrees, bachelor degrees, graduate degrees or professional degrees.

Regional Strengths

The Cincinnati-Dayton region has a diverse economy, an educated workforce and is a one-day drive from 54% of the nation’s population and 53% of the country’s manufacturing plants. With more than 2,000 area firms engaged in high technology and a proliferation of research and development centers, it is not surprising that the region attracts top technology professionals.

Liberty Township is a proud partner of the Regional Economic Development Initiative (REDI) Cincinnati. Learn more about REDI Cincinnati.

Fortune Companies

Eleven Fortune 500 companies and nine Fortune 1,000 companies are headquartered in the Cincinnati - Dayton Region. In addition, another 400 Fortune companies have operations in the Cincinnati-Dayton region.