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Liberty Fire Station 113

Fire Station 113

Station 113 was built as the headquarters housing the administrative command staff. Located in the south west area of the Township on SR 747, the headquarters station opened in early 2005. The station houses an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Medic, an ALS first responder suburban and the Township's rescue fire pumper - a 110 foot ladder / platform truck. All Career Firefighters are cross-trained as Paramedics. All Part-time Firefighters are cross-trained as at least Emergency Medical Technicians. The majority are Paramedics as well.

Station 113 Apparatus

Tower 113 is a 2004 Sutphen Magnum, a 110-foot, heavy-duty, mid-mount aerial ladder platform. This truck has a 4 person cab that includes an EMS cabinet, tool cabinet, and radio/thermal imager cabinet This truck has a hale 1,500 GPM pump and 300 gallon polly tank, over 1,000 foot of 5 inches supply line/ Two 1.75 inches attack lines 150 foot long, and 400 foot of 2.5 inches handlines to compliment the aerial device having a fully piped waterway. It also features a 7.5kw PTO generator, full assortment of ground ladders, and various other essential tools. T-113 responds on all fires and fire alarms, along with any rescue that may require use of the 110 foot ladder and/or rope rescue.

Engine 113

Engine 113 is a 1999 Sutphen heavy rescue. This truck features a Hale 1,000 GPM pump and 500 gallon poly tank. This truck is used as a front line engine that responds to all fire related calls in district 3, any "technical rescue" calls and all auto accidents in the township. A 7.5kw hydraulic generator runs all the electrical and hydraulic tools. There are 2 hydraulic hose reels that run the Hurst spreaders (Jaws of Life), cutters, and rams. A portable cascade system with 4 6,000# bottles is used to fill SCBA cylinders. Rope and water rescue equipment, along with various stabilization tools via cribbing, jacks, high pressure air bags, and capabear claws are also kept on this truck. Along with various 1.75 inches, 2.5 inches, and 1 inches trash lines, there is also over 500 foot of 5 inches supply line.

Medic 113

Medic 113 is a 2007 Horton ambulance based on a Chevrolet C-4500 chassis. This, like all Liberty Township squads are set up as ALS, always having at least one paramedic on board.

ALS 113

ALS 113 is a 2008 Chevrolet Suburban and is used as a paramedic "chase vehicle" that makes all EMS runs in the township. This vehicle carries an assortment of ALS and BLS medical supplies. There are also 2 SCBA packs with masks for fire responses and is always staffed with at least 1 paramedic.