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Liberty Fire Station 112


Station 112 is located at 6957 Yankee Road in the southeast corner of the Township. It first opened in 1974. An additional apparatus bay, day room and dormitory rooms were added in 1999. This addition facilitated the staffing of paramedics around the clock for the first time for the department. The station houses an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Medic, a reserve medic, a fire engine, a water tanker and a Butler County Emergency Management Agency Mass Casualty Supply unit.

Fire Station 112 Apparatus

Engine 112 is the Township's newest piece of apparatus. A 2009 Sutphen that is equipped with a Hale 1,500 GPM pump, 750 gallon tank, over 1,000' of 5" supply line, various 2.5" and 1.75" pre-connected lines, ventilation fans/saws, and various hand tools. This engine also carries a thermal imaging camera, multi-gas meter, and portable hydraulic generator with Hurst combi-tool.

Medic 112

Medic 112 is a 2004 Horton ambulance based on a Ford E-450 chassis. M-112 This, like all Liberty Township squads are set up as ALS, always having at least one paramedic on board.

Water Tanker 112

Water Tanker 112 is a 1983 Chevrolet that carries 1500 gallons of water on board, a small pump, dump tanks and various suction equipment. This truck is used for non-hydrated areas, water relay situations and grass fires.