Princeton Road Improvement Project

Improvements to Princeton Road in Fairfield and Liberty Townships began on August 6, 2018. The project involves a distance of approximately 1.8 miles from Jayfield Drive to Ohio 747 and will be constructed in two phases. 
Improvements include widening the existing lanes from ten to eleven feet, widening the paved shoulders to four feet, adjusting the roadway profile by flattening several vertical crests and installing edgeline rumble strips. Raised pavement markers, new signing and guardrail will also be installed. The project will result in more efficient traffic flow and improve safety since the existing pavement is narrow and has little or no shoulder beyond the edgeline.

Phasing, Closures and Maintenance of Traffic
Princeton Road construction will take place in two phases, each involving separate road closures.

On November 8, 2018, the Butler County Engineer's office reported that Princeton Road between Jayfield Drive and Liberty Fairfield Road opened. Phase 1 of the Princeton Road Improvement Project is now complete.

Phase 2: Phase 2 of the project, from Liberty Fairfield Road to Ohio 747, originally scheduled to begin in late September, is being rescheduled for construction next spring. Princeton Road will remain fully open through the upcoming winter months. There may be some off road utility work during the winter; however, this is not expected to impact traffic. 
Phase 2 detour: Eastbound Princeton Road traffic will detour south on Bypass 4, east on Ohio 129, and north on Ohio 747 to Princeton. Westbound traffic will reverse this route.

During these phases Princeton Road will be closed to thru and commuter traffic; however, local access will be maintained for residents of Princeton Road within the construction zone as well as for side streets. Residents of adjoining subdivisions however are advised to utilize alternate access into and out of their subdivisions in order to minimize as much as possible the amount of traffic within the Princeton Road construction zone. Access will also be maintained for emergency vehicles and school buses.

NOTE: There may be occasional complete closures of the roadway as crews cut down small hills and flatten the profile. In these cases, local residents will be required to access their driveways from either the east or west side depending upon their location relative to this particular work. 

Motorists are encouraged to check the BCEO website site as the best source for possible date and status changes concerning this closure.