Yankee Road Project

A significant roadway improvement to Yankee Road from Dutchland Parkway to Princeton Road began last July and is scheduled for completion by the end of this May. Favorable weather last year enabled crews to complete the first four construction phases with only the final phase remaining for 2018. That will involve work primarily from Maple Creek Drive south to Dutchland Parkway. For the winter opening, a base and mid-course application of asphalt was laid with temporary striping in place. Once Phase 5 is complete a final surface course of asphalt will be applied to the entire project with permanent lane striping, signing, and signals installed.

Specifically, the project involves widening Yankee Road between Dutchland Parkway and Princeton Road from two to three lanes - one lane in each direction with a dedicated center left turn lane; a modern roundabout constructed at Yankee and Princeton Road; one bridge replacement and another widened; plus, adjustments to the roadway's vertical profile. Additionally, sidewalks will be added between Dutchland Parkway and Wyandot Lane and the signals at Dutchland and Yankee will be upgraded. 

Mototrists are encouraged to check the Butler County Engineer's Office (BCEO) website as the best possible source for possible date and status changes concerning this project.