Township Trail Initiative

The Liberty Township Trails Initiative has devised a plan to implement contiguous hike and bike trails throughout the Township. The following lays out the plan, in its initial stages. Trails Meetings are scheduled on a quarterly basis and are held the first Monday of each month at the Township Administration Building (7162 Liberty Centre Drive, Suite A) at 2 p.m. For questions or comments, please contact Andy Juengling by email or by calling 513-759-7500.

Trail Plan Maps

Trail Plan Maps from the 2013 Comprehensive Vision Plan:
The Liberty Township Parks and Recreation Master Plan (2009) (PDF) outlines the following in Appendix B regarding the Miami 2 Miami Trail and the Maud Hughes Incline:

Miami 2 Miami 

Maud Hughes Incline 

The Miami 2 Miami Connection is a proposed 84 mile trail system made up of a combination of 10-feet wide separate trails, 5-feet wide bike lanes on roadways, and signed shared roadways to connect the Great Miami River Path (existing and proposed) with the existing Little Miami Scenic Trail. The multi-use trail system will offer transportation and recreation opportunities for walking / jogging, cycling, skating, and wheelchair use. When completed, the trail system will connect two large north / south trails, as well as provide links to more than 400 miles of multi-use trails across the state of Ohio. 

Phase I 

Bike Route connected to Fairfield Township on Liberty-Fairfield Road (this road is designated on the Liberty Township Trails Initiative to contain bike lanes as road improvements are made - connects with West Chester and Fairfield Township’s plans to the south and west and connects with MetroParks of Butler County to the north) that extends through the subdivisions of Greystone and Logsdon Meadows, and through a proposed new subdivision between these two subdivisions. This will take the bike route from Liberty-Fairfield Road (west end) to SR 747 (east end). 

Phase II 

4,350 foot path in the Reserves Park and 4,625 foot path in the Wetland Park for a total of 8,975 feet completed in the two parks. The Reserves Park is on the north side of SR 129, east of SR 747, south of the Reserves of Liberty Subdivision, and extends to the east to Van Gorden Road. The Wetland Park is on the south side of SR 129, east of Van Gordon Road, north of Woodmoor Terrace and Greenbriar Subdivisions, and extends beyond the east side of LeSourdsville-West Chester Road. - Completed 1998 through 2000.

Phase III 

Approximately 2,000 feet between phases II and IV. The land south of the SR 129 between the sound walls and eight homes in Greenbriar Subdivision is very tight. Because of the close proximity of the back yards to the sound walls of the highway, several alternate plans for this area are being studied. They include:
  • Cutting into the soundwall, adding overlapping soundwalls, and taking the path to the outside of the soundwall (between the soundwall and the highway) along a boardwalk past the area of the eight homes and then back through the soundwall to the path.
  • Moving the soundwall to provide adequate room for a ten foot wide path behind the eight homes.

Phase IV 

The Maud Hughes Incline derives its name from the unique use of three sets of double stairs with bicycle gutters to transition from the upper SR 129 level to the lower Maud Hughes Road level.

Phase IV is a 3,210 foot section of hike and bike trail from approximately 2,000 feet east of the Wetland Park, adjacent to SR 129 on the south side, north of Hamilton-Mason Road, and proceeds along land being donated to the Liberty Township Park Department from the Butler County Transportation Improvement District. Near the end of donated land, the trail will ease into the right-of-way area of SR 129. It proceeds eastward to the area near the Maud Hughes Bridge Overpass where the trail will be angled northeast to cut under the overpass and proceed to Maud Hughes Road parking area where Phase IV will terminate. Welsh Development donated approximately 5 acres of land on the north side of SR 129 to connect Maud Hughes Road to the TID parcel. 

Work began in July 2002 and Phase IV-Maud Hughes Incline of the Liberty Township Trails was dedicated in October 2003. This $300,000 project was funded by a $217,600 grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation Enhancement Fund and matching funds from Liberty Township.

Phase V 

Maud Hughes Road Connector with Dutchland Woods. This phase is being explored and requires permission from Norfolk Southern Railroad to utilize an old farming tunnel under their tracks south of Princeton Road and east of Maud Hughes Road and permission from the Dutchland Woods Homeowners Association to utilize the old entrance to Dutchland Woods south of Princeton Road. Once completed, Liberty Park and the Lakota Family YMCA on Yankee Road (at the east end of this phase) will be accessible via biking / hiking from the west. 4,290 feet of the Liberty Park path was completed in 1995/1996.

Phase VI 

Huntsville Station Connector. Easement rights have been granted to Liberty Township from CINERGY for a path to proceed through their property on Yankee Road across from the Lakota Family YMCA and Liberty Park. The path would come out on Essex Mill Terrace and proceed through the Stonehenge subdivision on Wyandot to Cincinnati-Dayton Road. The path would cross Cincinnati-Dayton Road at the light and proceed on Wyandot to Lakota East High School.

Phase VI 

Bethany Road - A bike lane needs to be added to this road from Lakota East High School to Butler-Warren Road.
  • Part 1: Liberty Court. (Lakota East High School) to Bethany Road east crossing over I-75 to frontage of Greencrest Golf Course.
  • Part 2: Frontage on Bethany Road east of Greencrest Golf Course to Butler Warren Road Approximately 4,300 feet.