Comprehensive Vision Plan

 On February 4, 2014, the Liberty Township Board of Trustees adopted the Comprehensive Vision Plan 2013. The Vision Plan is an update to the Township’s 2006 Comprehensive Plan which was designed to be a 20-year planning tool to be updated approximately every five years. The Comprehensive Vision Plan 2013 provides a vision for the future of Liberty Township. As time passes, development patterns change and what has been developed all change the landscape of our community.


The plan becomes a guideline that is used on a daily basis to direct future growth and plan for infrastructure, community services, trails, parks, quality of life assets and to ensure that Liberty Township continues to be an attractive and viable community.

2013 Elements

The Vision Plan Steering Committee reviewed and analyzed many elements including:
  • Community services and facilities
  • Connectivity of the community
  • Demographics
  • Economic development
  • Existing and future land use
  • Housing
  • Infrastructure
  • Parks and recreation
  • Quality of life offerings
  • Trails
  • Transportation

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Comments or questions may be directed to Bryan Behrmann.

Comprehensive Plan 2013

2006 Liberty Township Comprehensive Plan

(Replaced by Comprehensive Plan 2013)
Historical data from the 2006 Plan was not repeated in the 2013 updated Vision Plan. Please refer to the 2006 Liberty Township Comprehensive Plan (PDF) for historical data and references.